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Fat Privilege is blaming a well educated, TRAINED SCIENTIFIC professional for seeing right through your HAES bullshit, and attempting to treat the root of the problem.

He laughed when you brought up HAES? Good. He was RIGHT to laugh at you, as would anyone else in the medical field who has any shred of competency and knowledge. These people go to university and medschool for 5+ years at a time to learn their craft. I think they know far, far more than you do, about medicine and health.

Points for telling the doctor to ‘fuck off’. You’ve established with this doctor that you’re willfully ignorant, ignore truth and facts(the two things that fat acceptance/HAES slobs won’t swallow), on top of showing that you’re a spoiled brat for leaving because the facts hurt your feels.

I sincerely hope he banned you from his practice.

In the United States, women’s beauty is placed at such a high premium and the standards of beauty are so narrow that many women feel trapped by what Naomi Wolf calls the ‘beauty myth’—a nearly unreachable cultural ideal of feminine beauty that ‘uses images of female beauty as a political weapon against women’s advancement.’ Just as Max Weber decried the ‘iron cage’ of consumption in modern society, so, too, does Wolf cry the ‘Iron Maiden’ created by this beauty myth which entraps women in an endless cycle of cosmetics, beauty aids, diets, and exercise fanaticism and makes women’s bodies into ‘prisons their homes no longer were’.

Michael Kimmel, The Gendered Society

Don’t let your body be a prison, embrace yourself and your health regardless of cultural beauty standards or peer pressure!

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Anonymous asked:

It's not that tumblrinas think body shaming doesn't happen to men, it's that they think it doesn't happen to thin people.



Consistently, body shaming is focused on women and men are fairly forgotten. In addition, some stereotypes, based on overweight men, are popular among the community, such as “Neckbeard”, which is often portrayed as an overweight man with said facial hair in his mid 20s who is highly inconsiderate of others. Similar stereotypes for women are burned to the ground by the community.

Regardless of any sort of marginalization, it’s important to remember that shaming happens to anyone, regardless of gender or size. It’s not okay to tease or ridicule someone for their size. Trying to help them out is one thing, telling people that they are disgusting for who they are now is another.

Other mods, if you want to add your own commentary, feel free. I’m kind of busy and I can’t catch up too much on these sorts of messages.


No, cordivae, Anon is right. It’s not that tumblrians think thin shaming doesn’t happen to thin people.


While tumblrians acknowledge that men get body shamed, it’s only because they think it’s totally okay to body shame men and they encourage it. They encourage bullying against men. These women, who are so insistent that they should be able to get any man they desire, even if that man isn’t attracted to fat women, would NEVER date a fat man.

Not only that, but did you see the skinny shaming on that one post I made? The one where the girls said that you shouldn’t like a skinny guy because your butt might crush him? You know, it’s kind of the guy version of “nobody wants cuddle with a sack of bones”.

~Mod Kitkattie


Anonymous asked:

You have no right to dictate what fucking body positivity means lmao you're so sad. Go circle jerk with all the elite athletes on Reddit how the mean fatties aren't body positive enough for you specifically.


Lmao you’re so sad too considering you seem to be stalking this blog. And I suspect both you and the other anon are the same because you two seem to both have the inability to properly punctuate (or add any punctuation) to your messages.

Thin people and fit people alike all deserve to have body positivity just as much as fat people do. A lot of “fatties”, a term you seem to insist for me to use, like to bully thin and fit people because they’re insecure. Nobody believes this though. Everyone thinks that us thin and fit people have it great. It’s kinda like how you see somebody who is always perky and happy, and then you have trouble believing that they attempted/committed suicide. “Hey, that person was so happy. They had it so great. Who would’ve known that they had depression?” “Hey, that person is so thin. They have it so great. Who would’ve known that they would be insecure about their body?” I’ve been bullied. I was an easy target when I was younger because I was quiet and small and skinny. Everyone knew I didn’t have the guts to fight back. I would be pushed and shoved around by fatter girls. They would try and make up excuses for why I was so skinny; they would tell me that I was anorexic, or bulimic, or that I got sick when I was younger and that’s why I was so small. Apparently, there was absolutely no way for me to be thin and healthy. In actuality, up until the 6th grade, I had been taking dance classes since I was two. I was very fit and I did have muscles. Nobody saw the fit and muscular dancing girl, the girl that brought herself a healthy lunch to school. They saw the nerdy, boney, short girl that they could make feel bad and ruin her self-esteem.

But whoops, I guess I shouldn’t feel bad. I have it so great. I’m not allowed to have bad self-esteem. We might as well just shut down this blog.

Look, anon, anymore messages you send will be deleted. Desiring body positivity is not “fat-hate”. Speaking up about being bullied is not “fat-hate”.

-modKitkattie (I’m on mobile and can’t properly tag)

#suicide mention


You know

I’m not even angry at Nicki Minaj for referring to thin girls as “skinny bitches”

I’m sad for her.

Sad to know that she is so insecure that she had to have drastic cosmetic surgery just to feel happy with herself. Sad to know that she’s so insecure that she has to refer to other people…


Rose-collared Piha - Lipaugus streptophorus

The Rose-collared Piha, Lipaugus streptophorus (Passeriformes - Cotingidae), is endemic to the spectacular and poorly explored tepuis of the Guianan shield.

Both sexes are gray overall with pink undertail coverts, but the male has a bold pink collar as well. This sexual dimorphism is unusual among pihas, as is the Rose-collared’s habit of perching in the open at the forest edge.

Currently this species is known only from the cluster of tepuis around the Gran Sabana on the borders of Venezuela, Guyana, and Brazil.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Marcelo Camacho | Locality: Bolivar, Venezuela (2012)


Bacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics

Raw honey has been used against infections for millennia, before honey — as we now know it — was manufactured and sold in stores. So what is the key to its’ antimicrobial properties? Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have identified a unique group of 13 lactic acid bacteria found in fresh honey, from the honey stomach of bees. The bacteria produce a myriad of active antimicrobial compounds.

These lactic acid bacteria have now been tested on severe human wound pathogens such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Pseudomonas aeruginosa and vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus (VRE), among others. When the lactic acid bacteria were applied to the pathogens in the laboratory, it counteracted all of them.

Tobias C Olofsson, Èile Butler, Pawel Markowicz, Christina Lindholm, Lennart Larsson, Alejandra Vásquez. Lactic acid bacterial symbionts in honeybees - an unknown key to honey’s antimicrobial and therapeutic activities. International Wound Journal, 2014; DOI: 10.1111/iwj.12345

Working bees on honey cells (stock image). Raw honey has been used against infections for millennia, before honey — as we now know it — was manufactured and sold in stores. Credit: © Dmytro Smaglov / Fotolia
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