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If there’s one thing I so desperately want to happen in HW it’s Midna to have this moment of like nostalgia and happiness when she sees Link since she believed she’d never see him again after she broke the mirror.  But then she’d quickly realize it wasn’t her Link and be surprised and sad.  I’VE BEEN AVOIDING HW SPOILERS LIKE THE PLAGUE SO I HAVE NO IDEA IF ANYTHING LIKE IT HAPPENS but please let it happen Zelda gods.  If it does I will actually cry so hard ((o(;△;)o))

And then the second picture was a bonus to make myself feel better after thinking about it because I remembered we have the TP dlc costumes and we can all pretend that TP!Link and Midna are reunited and hug and 。・゚(゚ノT-T)ノ

The second picture actually took me a while to get right since I’m not good with interaction pictures and it started out super bad, mostly because I started it out wrong by just scribbling it all together without doing what I usually do.  But I fixed it AND DID IT and I’m so happy with it.  It took me forever to figure out how to shape Midna’s fused shadow right at angles too and all I have to say is bless concept art pictures.


Westring’s Spiny Spider - Gasteracantha westringi 

This beauty is a female of the species Gasteracantha westringi (Araneidae), distinctive by its green, orange and yellow colored patterns, very dark cherry red spines and pits decorating the flared abdomen, much wider than long. 

Known from Australia (Northern Territory to North Queensland), Admiralty Island, New Caledonia and Norfolk Island, this tiny spider (the females measure about 8 mm) was described under its present name in 1864 only with the female. The male of this species is poorly known and it is much smaller than the female (only 3mm).

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©Craig Nieminski | Locality: Point Stuart, Northern Territory, Australia


Another example of the censoring they did with Digimon Fusion. To the left is Fusion, and to the right is Xros Wars. I understand that people in America these days have no tolerance for pointless things like this, but Lilithmon’s seductive body is part of her character. I hope they don’t fuck up Mervamon too much, though…..


I find that the changing of ENGLISH names in the dubs of shows is downright stupid. Especially in the Digimon series. Lilith is something that has appeared in several children-themed games (Lilith Pleasant from the Sims 2 is an example). Changing it to Laylamon honestly reminds me of when Aisha from Winx Club was named Layla in the 4Kids dub. I get that kids may like it with Layla instead of Lilith or Aisha, but it just feels like they were being lazy.

Note from Rika: We decided to post a picture of Willis instead, because he’s also an example of how the dubbers changed an English name into another English name. We would have used a picture of Laylamon, but we couldn’t find any good-quality screenshots of her that we haven’t used already.

"Your life is perfect, you're an honors student"

  • Me:

    I'm upset because I wanted to get an A on this test and I got a B and I'm disappointed in myself

  • Friend:

    SHut up I have a D don't complain you bitch

  • Me:

    no no w-wait you don't understand, I understand that a B is a perfectly good grade and reflects my effort, but I live in an environment with a family who doesn't support that and who pressures me into getting better grades, and if I get B's, the consequences are not fun.

  • Friend:


  • Me:

    no, actually my life's not that easy. I'm struggling with a perfectionist family, an anxiety disorder, a social life, expectations to keep a perfect GPA, and also regularly exercise and maintain a certain weight. I have a lot of things stressing me out and grades are one of them, your mother's reaction to your D is my mother's reaction to my B, I was raised in a household where my "gifted-and-talented" label cursed me from grade school to be expected to have a perfect, charmed, talented life. That doesn't mean my life is any of those things.

  • Friend:


  • Me:

    I guess I won't talk about it then. I'm sorry, your problems are more legit than mine. My bad.

  • Friend:

    God she's weird. She thinks HER life is hard.

  • Me the next week:

    Hey guys I got an A on this math test, I worked really hard and I'm super proud

  • Friend:

    Oh god of COURSE she got an A, she probably didn't even study. She's perfect. WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT

  • Me:

    No actually I've struggled with this subject for a while and I used to be in the lower class but I worked really hard and studied and got a tutor and got my grade up and now I'm in honors....

  • Friend:

    But you're so smart you don't have to try like we do

  • Me:

    Am I even speaking the same language as you people? Do you not understand that I work just as hard as any of you? That my stresses and worries in life may be different but are just as valid? Am I being completely selfish by being proud of a grade I worked for and wanting credit for the fact that I worked /hard/ on it, it wasn't just LUCK? Is that so horrible of me?

  • Friend:

    ... well anyway congrats on your A we all knew you'd get one anyway lol

  • Parent:

    Gosh I don't understand how you could possibly have an anxiety problem or any stress, if you're stressed about grades or anything why don't you just TALK to someone? Friends? Us? Teachers? Counselors?

  • Me:

    I try but they shut me out and try to tell me that I don't have issues because I'm "perfect." You know what I just give up, I guess my problems aren't worthy enough for anyone to listen. I'm probably overreacting. I'm sorry.

  • Everyone:

    well isn't she such a little goody-goody with her perfect life gosh I just hate her and now she's acting all distant what the hell




if anyone ever asks me what tumblr is i’m gonna show them this video and just walk away


This is an accurate representation of Tumblr.

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