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i noticed this too. the worst part is that in both scenes, they’re having to argue with their captain to do their job. A+ characterization of kirk right there ugh

How nice that you all are ignoring context. Wonderful.

Uhura is asking this after they’ve been shot at multiple times by Klingons who are clearly bent on killing the lot of them, and have just been cornered by them. Kirk is afraid that they are going to kill her on sight without letting her have the chance to do her job. Before this point, he had every intention of letting her do her job (“Lieutenant, how’s your Klingon?” “It’s rusty, but it’s good.” “Good, you’re coming too.”). He does not want to risk her life on the off-chance that the Klingons will listen. He is doing his duty as captain and attempting to keep everyone safe, as well as being his usual stubborn protective self (which he does for EVERYONE he cares about). He is being very Jim Kirk in this scene.

You are also ignoring the context of the conversation itself.

Uhura: They are ordering us to land. Captain, they’re gonna wanna know why we’re here. And they’re gonna torture us, question us, and they’re gonna kill us.
Kirk: So we come out shooting.
[Uhura rises from her seat and goes over to Kirk]
Uhura: We are outnumbered, outgunned. There’s no way we survive if we attack first. You brought me here because I speak Klingon, then let me speak Klingon.

You are deliberately manipulating us into believing that Kirk is shutting down Uhura’s agency and that she is pleading with him to regain it. This is not true. Jim does not want to risk the life of a valued crew-member and one of his dear friends on the off-chance that the Klingons won’t kill them on sight. This has nothing to do with sexism, and cutting out the context of this scene is a shitty and manipulative thing to do.

As for Carol’s scene, she is not actually addressing Kirk directly, but Bones. This is the scene where Bones’ arm got stuck in that torpedo. Kirk is not even physically there.

Kirk: Dr. Marcus, can you disarm it?

Carol: I’m trying. I’m trying.
Bones: Jim, get her the hell out of here!
Carol: No. If you beam me back, he dies! Just let me do it!
[Carol quickly works to deactivate the torpedo]

Kirk is in no way trying to keep Carol from doing her job. She is attempting to save Bones’ life, and Kirk is very willing to let her do it. He is trusting that she will be able to deactivate the rocket. He is placing his best friend’s life into her hands: if that’s not agency, I don’t know what is.

So shut the hell up and stop being deliberately manipulative and trying to force victimization and a lack of agency on two very talented, very capable women who were not belittled or looked down on, and by no means did either occur at the hands of Jim Kirk.

Sometimes it seems like those type of people only dedicate half their brain to actually paying attention to what’s going on around them while the other half is constantly brainstorming creative new ways to get offended over nothing.

Tumblr is really good at taking things out of context.

Not that the rebuttal above isn’t valid, but the original complaint is not necessarily intended as a dig at Kirk/Bones, but rather at the writers. Because regardless of context within the movie, the fact that both (only?) prominent female characters were made to utter the words “let me do my job” on screen isn’t something that context invalidates entirely. Carol could have said “I worked with these before, I can do this,” and it should have been respected. Saying “let me do my job” kind of gives the vibe that she’s used to having her competence questioned, which in turn doesn’t dovetail with what the Federation is supposed to be, right?

Just because something is entirely valid in context and doesn’t rob anyone of their agency (and these two instances don’t, just the opposite), doesn’t mean that the complaint about its presence isn’t also valid.

Plus they put in a context where, yet again, the men are trying to ‘protect’ the women. Because of course that’s the context.

The captain’s trying to protect his fucking crew. Did you all forget about him losing his career over saving Spock? Or him willing to sacrifice himself at the end to save the other guy from radiation poisoning? Or that people were dying left and right the whole fucking movie? Or that in both contexts both women are risking their life to protect a man? Jesus mother fucking Christ.

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gotchi asked:

Are u offended by someone saying cishet









Yes. Yes I am. 

I’m offended by people using the term cishet for alot of reasons. Firstly because you never know. You never know when someone is trans* And alot of people who’re trans* don’t want you to know. 

Yes, I get it, cisgendered people are happy with their gender, and don’t have to deal with the same things trans* persons do. But most cisgendered people just so happen to have other problems. And I get that some cisgendered people are fucking assholes, and I get that some heterosexual people are fucking assholes. 

But get this, when people use ‘cishet’ as an insult it makes me, a transgendered person, feel like shit. Because you’re making fun of people for what they identify as. the same thing trans* persons have to avoid, fight, and work through their entire life. It doesn’t matter who you’re doing this to, it’s fucking disgusting. 

It doesn’t matter if its ‘not the same’ or ‘not as offensive’ or ‘a joke’ it’s just as bad. cisphobia pisses me off so badly. 

Because sure there’s alot of cisgendered people who don’t understand and are fucking cock suckers, but let me tell you about how if it weren’t for the help of many people, 99% of which just so happening to be cisgendered, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t be the fucking man I am today. You know where I would be? In my fucking grave. 

You don’t know a person just because they’re cisgendered and happy to be that way. you don’t fucking know a person if they’re transgendered and happy to be that way. why don’t we stop fucking sterotyping, and stop fucking hating AS MANY PEOPLE AS FUCKING POSSIBLE instead of pushing our hate toward a group of people who is the media’s vision of ‘normal’. 

This is a really interesting perspective.  

This user needs an award. Like now.

To be honest, I think cisphobia can almost even be considered transphobia.

Guess what I, as a trans man, want to do?

Transition to become a cis man. I wish I had been born a cis male. God, do I wish every fucking day that I had just been born cis and in the right goddamn body. What’s even worse is that I’ll never be exactly the way I should be, because the technology just isn’t there yet. I’m always going to be stuck in a weird in-between place with the surgeries I’ve decided to have.

So when people say, “I hate cis people,” that’s kind of like saying, “I hate what trans people wish they were. I hate what trans people may someday become. I hate post-op trans people who have successfully transitioned.”

That’s what so many of us are striving to be accepted as. We want to pass as cis. We want people to look at us and say, “Oh, they’re male/female!”

Cisphobes are pissing all over us in an attempt to piss on cis people (who they are also pissing on, don’t get me wrong). Even if this couldn’t be considered a form of transphobia, it’s still disgusting and childish, and it does nothing for us in the long run. Sure, it might feel good to “vent” right now, but what about years from now, when cis people fucking detest us, when we still don’t have our rights, because you little shits don’t know how to “vent” without being assholes? You’re hurting people. You’re threatening to kill people. You advocate genocide, rape, and murder.

Then you mock cis people when they get understandably upset, when they’re hurt by your words. You mock them for being human. You mock them for having emotions. You mock depressed people, suicidal people, even gay men and women, bisexuals, pansexuals.

Not only are you mocking trans people who wish that they could be cis or who have already fully transitioned, you are mocking 99% of the Earth’s population for their gender identities while simultaneously screeching about how trans people shouldn’t be mocked for their gender identities.

It’s fucking bullshit all around, folks! You’re trying so hard to be cruel to the majority that you’ve started being cruel to the minority, as well. Oh, what a tangled, hypocritical web you shitstains on existence weave!

One of these days, I’m going to be a fucking man. I’m going to look like a man, and I’m going to act like a man. I’m going to be what I should have been all along, and I bet you whiny little fucks will call me cis. To me, that won’t be a fucking insult. That will be a fucking medal that I worked hard to earn. I will have gone through surgery, I will have spent my life savings, I will have alienated the majority of my family, I will have given up so much just to be comfortable in my body, just to not hurt like I do now, and you think that calling me “cis” will hurt me, because it’s supposed to be an insult.

Nah. Y’all have no fuckin’ idea. Get outta here with your cisphobic, transphobic asses.

"So when people say, “I hate cis people,” that’s kind of like saying, “I hate what trans people wish they were. I hate what trans people may someday become. I hate post-op trans people who have successfully transitioned.”


Until I read this I never realized how much “us and them” is going on here.

You, Sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

usually I don’t reblog this, but the third comment/user is a fucking eye opener.

Fuck yeah! Keep on lovin’ in the free world. This is how real progress sounds.

Fina-Fucking-lly. Personally I just want to call people a man or a woman based on what they feel they are. Not a transwoman or transman, I feel like that isn’t needed if they are a man or woman.








Shout out to girls who don’t mind being called dude and man casually

shout out to boys who don’t mind being called guuurrl 

shout out to humans who don’t mind being called dawg

shout out to dogs who will let you call them anything so long as you say it in  a happy, friendly tone.

Shout out to Guinea Pigs which are neither pigs nor from Guinea.  



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